Friday, 26 August 2016

The Wild West of East Scotland

A little hidden gem in my home town of Edinburgh is our Wild West! 

We have a hidden set that looks like it has just come out of a cowboy flick. I love westerns and when I found out - I moseyed on down to check it out myself.

Hidden down an alley in the Morningside area of Edinburgh there is a Wild West painted set. I believe that It was built in 1995 by Michael Faulkner as part of a furniture business, which specialised in Southwestern American style. It took 6 months to complete, and was painted by one of the artists in residence who happened to be a set designer for Euro Disney - very handy! 

It is listed as an 'attraction' on Trip Advisor although if you blink you will miss it ! Morningside is one of the nicest parts of the city, and if you are at a loose end and fancy a wander try and track this little alley down and take some cowboy inspired snaps. Although the weather may not be that of the desert - the set sure does look like a bar brawl may burst out of the swinging doors and onto the the 'mean streets of the Burgh' - its a fun find and well worth a look when you are next in town! 

address: Springvalley Gardens, MorningsideEdinburgh

Monday, 23 May 2016

My Business Influence

Some may know that I was a Fashion Stylist for a LONG time (well long in terms of fashion) - working for high profile publications, international brands and celebrities. It was great, I travelled the world, made great friends, worked hard and was well respected and 'known'. 

However, after 8 years styling, it was time for a change. I had always fallen down the vintage look, often picking items that had that 40's or 50's flavour to them. It was something that I had worn for years myself, scouring vintage and charity shops. I felt it was time to leave styling, and jump head first into the vintage biz. SO, in 2013 thats what i did! 

Now, I have to explain, I am not a 'business brain', I am terrible with numbers - but I am great with ideas and the final outcome. However, I am very, very lucky: My father is a well respected and very successful business man - who kept me on the right path while I dreamed of prom dresses and bowling shirts. What makes my dad so successful is that he has the perfect pairing of creativity and business brain - he understands where I am coming from - and often encourages my madness - but then reigns me in when i have gone to 'crazy town'. 

It has always been hard, I often wake up and think ' I want a normal job' or 'I want a 9-5' - to do something that is easier than working for yourself. The problem is I have never seen that, my dad has always been self employed - he is his own boss. I also don't have the brain to sit and do one task - when I have had had jobs - I am off trying to restructure or push for new things - or new brand ideas - I cant just be! 

As a woman, and especially one that was so young when I decided to branch out by myself - I needed support and guidance - and better still, someone to call and share all the good and not so good things that were happening. This is something we all need in life, never mind business - but I am fortunate to have both. 

When it came to starting Campbell Crafts, my father thought I was mad - he didn't quite get the vintage inspired boutique idea - however he was on board and as the orders started to come in - he was there to help me steer the ship. He did all the work on Bonnie our Airstream Boutique, turning her from a rusty tin can to a shopable glamazon! 

In 2015, we won our first award ' Best Online Boutique' at the National Vintage Awards - something that I am hugely proud of! However, my father, Alistair Campbell trumped any success I will ever have and was awarded his OBE this year - for services to the Economy and Town Regeneration. Never had it been more deserved! 

I work very hard, and I am conscious of peoples opinions of ' you wouldn't of got where you are without your father'. You are absolutely right, I wouldn't of. However, to say it in a way that implies that I have not worked hard, dug deep, sacrificed or that the only reason I have achieved anything is because my father did it for me is false. Campbell Crafts is my business and I am very proud of it - and I am also very blessed to have an amazing business brain to pick when the times get hard or I need advice or some silly jargon explained to me!!!! 

2016 is sure to bring yet more surprises, and I am ready for what it has to offer!

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Digital Vs Vintage

In the digital age we are now living – it is a direct juxtaposition to the vintage life we all lead – we may wear girdles and dream of driving cars from 1955 but we post about it all and shop for it online!

I of course own a vintage inspired boutique – which is predominantly online. We attend events, have concession stores and hopefully we will look at pop up boutiques. I shop online too. I am always looking for vintage pieces on Etsy, or scrolling Facebook pages for amazing one offs, never mind all the amazing repro brands out there! Yes we stock a number of them – but sometimes you want something you don’t have! It’s a thrill, now we don’t always wear vintage, I am prone to the joggers, glasses and vest top, while slobbing around in the house, and that’s what’s even more interesting, we can be purchasing these fabulous frocks from the 40s yet living in a very un-40s way!

I love it! its all about contrast, mixing old and new worlds. The same goes for vintage, now there are some vintage snobs out there, who really dislike the idea of repro. I get it – you want to be authentic. But is it authentic that you are posting the photos of you sporting your amazing wears on Instagram? No! Repro has a firm place in the vintage world, they are produced with new technology, making them machine washable (yipppeee) and to modern day sizing – meaning you can be over 5ft3 and a UK10 to wear them. 

Just as much as we adore shopping the digital way, it is nice to touch and feel, plus try on – of course I get that. But some days, you just want to sit at home, and do nothing . What better way of feeling like you have achieved, even something small – than when you score that fabulous Mexican jacket for an absolute steal price online. It opens up the world to us, we can shop in Australia, America, France, we can chat to other like-minded people across the globe and see how they are representing the vintage life.

I love that we mix and match our lifestyle, and have created anew vintage, not a crappy 80s does 50s but a new authentic way of being vintage mad! Long may it live, and screw what Orwell said – the digital age has its perks – like a 50% off sale on shoes you just need to have…. in America!!!!

Friday, 15 April 2016

Diner Divas and Bowling Babes

As you all know I have an obsession with vintage americana - so in 2015 Campbell Crafts launched its Diner collection.

Initially 3 shirts in pastel pink blue and yellow, we then added 2 diner dresses and in autumn the black & pink diner blouse! These are all limited edition and the colour ways wont be repeated - which means when you purchase one of our diner pieces you know it will be a little more special!!!

modelled by the gorgeous Diablo Rose

With pinups worldwide wearing our diner range, the success of this collection has been amazing so in 2016 we launched our Bowling range.

We have been amazed at how everyone has responded to these 2 new designs and are looking at launching some more colour options in the autumn!

modelled by the stunning Rachel Francis 

In all we have created a colourful american dream - an essential for any 50s lover! You can grab yours from our website:

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Living a Vintage Life

In a modern world the vintage lovers can be lost, ridiculed or forced to play ‘dress up’ on weekends and evenings.

When living in a vintage world you gravitate towards other dedicated lovers of the vintage era, whether it is at jive clubs, fairs and weekenders or a trip to your local Krispy Kreme in your classic car at the weekend. We all tend to ‘find’ one another and connect in the most modern of ways – the Internet.

I come from a fine art and fashion background – with years of working as a fashion stylist for international brands, celebrities and the media under my belt. An industry renowned for its often bitchy attitude and ‘out for yourself’ mentality. When making the decision to follow my vintage passion into a new and exciting world – I was unsure of the reception I would have. I had no need to worry!  Often creative brains, finding new and inventive ways of restoring, repairing and finding that perfect piece – we are an imaginative bunch – and I fit right in! I was struck by not only how friendly everyone was but, the camaraderie displayed among everyone – reminiscent of the war time era. Everyone would club together – to help those that needed it – lending a hand and offering advise or tips.

However, living a vintage life need not stop at weekend retreats and dancing the lindy! OH NO – a true sense of vintage style should be carried forward into your living abode. My home is full of vintage treasures – collected from around the globe, flea markets, vintage fairs, Ebay and more. We live in a mid century home and have filled her to the brim with 50’s and 60’s furniture. I am forever scouring the Internet for G-Plan or Ercol items, perfect fabrics or images to frame. It has almost become an obsession.

When looking at the glossy adverts of yester-year I am envious of the style, the ease of purchase of some of the best decor I have seen…ever! I wonder what it would be like to be transferred back to a time where you could pop to the local furniture dealer and purchase your sectional sofa in shades of mint or peach – where having a pink bathroom suite was not a sin but a must! I dream of owning a Concept home (LA) that I can truly turn into my own vintage haven – of course I couldn’t sacrifice my modern accessories – a nice balance of old and new is always a battle!

 For now I am living my vintage life, wearing my vintage and vintage repro clothes, sitting on my G-plan 1959 sofa, surrounded by 50’s & 60’s atomic loveliness – while searching the web on my MacBook and watching The Real Housewives of somewhere! That’s enough for me – right now!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Vintage Life April 2016

Published in Vintage Life Magazine - April 2016

Feeling good
By Lindsay Crafts of Campbell Crafts Vintage

This month we spring clean, start those summer diets and prepare for the warmer weather ahead. It’s the time to start feeling good about yourself and investing in a fabulous new spring/summer wardrobe – full of colour, pastels and prints.

We spend a lot of time sourcing new, unusual and exclusive to the UK brands that will keep you looking and feeling fabulous this spring – just in time for all the vintage weekenders and events this season! We know there is nothing worse than turning up at an event and bumping into people wearing the exact same thing as you – cringe! That’s why mixing true vintage, with exclusive pieces from around the globe will keep you ahead of the fashion game. Every vintage vixen knows that mixing true vintage with repro is a great way of achieving a timeless look, while getting your actual dress size (with no alterations required) and keeping costs down!

Its tough to know how to dress to impress, should it be a casual rockabilly feel, a 40s war time tea dress or a colourful tropical look that Carmen Miranda would be proud of? Why not mix and match, nothing keeps you looking fresh like a whole new top to toe look each day! While adding a headscarf, cardigan and saddle shoes to a basic jeans and tee combo will add that vintage feel for your ‘everyday life’.


When we look at images of the ‘good old days’ we long for those prints, cuts and designs – all topped with perfect hair and make-up. By even achieving a small bit of that look – in every day life you can feel great.  A new vintage print t-shirt goes a long way in picking up your mood and adding a spring to your step, especially when the compliments start rolling in!

Its been proven that shopping releases endorphins and blasts those winter blues – so you can not only look amazing in your new treats but you are doing some scientifically approved goodness for your body! A great excuse if I ever heard of one!

Campbell Crafts scours the globe looking for unique, exclusive brands and brings them to the UK for you all to appreciate and we ship worldwide! Give us a follow on instagram and facebook to see what’s new and what events we are attending!!!

instagram: @campbellcrafts

Facebook: Campbell / Crafts vintage

Photos in middle of article: L: Mischief Made me, R: My Favourite Things wearings Campbell Crafts
Pink cardigan photo in article: Sourpuss clothing - all clothing featured available from


Thursday, 17 March 2016

The American dream lives on.

I have a personal interest in America, owning a 1957 Airstream that we shipped in from Baltimore, a father who loves classic cars – especially Chevy Bell Air’s and frequent trips from a very young age, and road trips around the states as an adult.

The American dream was sold to everyone as ‘perfection’ the personification of ‘everything you could ever wish for on earth’ – a job, 2 children (one boy one girl), a fancy car, a beautiful partner, and a home that made neighbours envious.  The decade of advertising – where you were trained to desire objects – and if you couldn’t afford them then that’s fine – pay them off over a period of time.  Holidays to tropical Hawaii or decedent Palm Springs – clothes made of fur, lace and velvets. The austerity of the 40’s was gone – a time of over spending, over indulging and general ‘showing off’ was here to stay.

Flash forward and we are not far from what America pitched in the 50’s – we have celebrity endorsements a plenty selling you dresses, bags, cars, watches, perfume, even hair removal products. You can buy houses you cannot afford, cars that you hardly drive, holidays anywhere in the world, and if you cannot afford them – that’s fine add them to a credit card! We show off to a new level – no longer is it just the neighbours, or what people are saying in the town about someone’s new television. We now tell the world how fabulous we are, how well we are doing – via social media. We share every aspect of our lives, in a hope to achieve more followers, likes, shares, tweets and re-tweets.  We stalk ‘cyber celebs’ watching how they apply make-up, do their hair – where they eat or what they have bought – George Orwell was right!  We live in a virtual American Dream! Now, don't get me wrong - I love following, sharing, and watching - but isn't it crazy how much it has changed? We would worry about what the outward world thought - what car you drove, and how clean your doorstep was - to now worry about all the internal facets of your life too - 'have I got enough friends, am i wearing the correct thing - is my waist small enough'!

In one respect this is why I long for a time where design reigned – the thought process of an object and final outcome were well considered – compared to the fast fashion and throwaway culture of today. The 50s in America was full of ground breaking design from the concept houses to the clothes they wore – everything had been touched by an artist, carefully planned and executed.

When I started Campbell Crafts I wanted to create something that was different from the other vintage and vintage repro stores – a one-stop shop with all your favourites in one place. I found that I was always drawn to the unique American fashions – offering a quirkier, often more colourful and harder to get in the UK benefit to my brand.  I spend my time finding items that have an authentic quality – whether it is a reworked print, the making process or has a flavour of the golden era in America. I wanted to create a brand that offers a slice of the American Pie and share it with all of you – bringing together our desire for vintage and a love of all things old here in the UK, with the fun and often kitsch charms of America.  We hope we are creating something that inspires you, which offers you unique fashions and with that touch of Americana we adore here at CC. Now lets all create our own dreams, steer away from the chaos and pitfalls that this new virtual era create and focus on what is real – our love for vintage, for looking fabulous and not just owning authentic fashions – but living your own authentic life.

To see the brands we carry please visit our website:, And ironically we are also on Facebook and Instagram – so give us a follow to see what new and exciting brands and designs are coming to in 2016!

Winner of Best Online Boutique at The National Vintage Awards