Monday, 24 October 2016

The internal ramblings of a fashion victim vol.2

Navigating the Sales:

Every true fashion follower knows that a sale is something to plan, save for and ultimately grab the best bits you have been coveting for the past season but have been just out of your reach.

Now is the time, whether you have received an email, have the inside scoop or are on count down – with the hope (and prayer) that they will have a sale!  You have saved, you have resisted every temptation to purchase that one thing that is so expensive that you just couldn’t justify living on beans for a month and you are ready. 

Now, will this be an online transaction or will it be a run to the shops, elbows at the ready to fend off the other, equally keen fashion slaves kind of day? What are you prepared for?

Well the online option means endlessly refreshing the home page to get the “SALE NOW ON’ flashing at you with its twinkly, tempting eyes popping across your screen. But, and this is a big but, what if there are too many people trying to purchase – trying to buy the same thing – what if it takes down the site, what if your band width is just not quick enough? These are all valid and totally non-neurotic thoughts! Ultimately the benefits are sitting in your pyjamas, eating a pizza while you casually add the items to the imaginary shopping cart - hit purchase and voila they are yours – but this is very much the positive spin! You could have 2 devices on the go at once- the phone and the computer – maybe even the ipad – just in case – and operate a mini buying computer lab! That’s possible, and you could even have a few sites on the go at once – covering way more ground that if you were running round the shops – that would require a league table of which item was the favourite and that’s just not possible!

Ok so the pros are sitting at home like a slob, casually cruising the sites and purchasing at leisure – then a few days later having a Christmas type experience when they all arrive. The cons – what if the internet has a Y2K moment and the whole thing dies on you – crashed sites, slow internet, people getting there before you and that’s it – you lose it all?! Hmmmmm – ok so the other option is go and get them….

You have to dress the part, first and foremost – get your look ready – the perfect balance of   ‘I love fashion as much as you v’s I mean business and can move like a ninja around this store’ . Once that’s down, you then must plan your moves – which item means the most to you – that is your first stop. If possible you could always plan to purchase items where they are under one store – that would be great – but they may not offer the best discount – again major research and strategic planning must be put into this!

So my main advise is to wear trainers or ballet flats – great for running through the doors like a woman possessed, have a small cross body bag – so you are not having to put it down while you rummage – nope that’s not practical and you may lose it in the caos. You don’t want scarves, hats or any other loose items that are going to get in your way of quick manoeuvres – think streamline, sleek and ready to pounce.  A bottle of water is a necessity, as is a little energy snack – this could turn into an all day affair and you will require nourishment!

You have to remain polite, keep you composure – you don’t want to seem like a total nutter – then add a smidge of ‘I am the boss, don’t mess with me’.  You certainly do not want to be one of those devil ladies in the Daily Mail on boxing day – wresting last seasons Gucci from the clutches of another, equally mental opponent – that is just embarrassing. You make your decision quickly and get to the checkout FAST! You are done. Repeat all these steps for every purchase!

Avoid the need to buy non-coveted, desired items no matter what the discount  - you don’t need them – your mission is to get in and get out, get the things you love, have been wanting for ages and have 101 outfits ready and waiting for its arrival. The non-essential purchases will weigh you down; will not be used and next season something better will be waiting in its place!

You are ready – on your marks, get set…..GO!

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