Monday, 23 May 2016

My Business Influence

Some may know that I was a Fashion Stylist for a LONG time (well long in terms of fashion) - working for high profile publications, international brands and celebrities. It was great, I travelled the world, made great friends, worked hard and was well respected and 'known'. 

However, after 8 years styling, it was time for a change. I had always fallen down the vintage look, often picking items that had that 40's or 50's flavour to them. It was something that I had worn for years myself, scouring vintage and charity shops. I felt it was time to leave styling, and jump head first into the vintage biz. SO, in 2013 thats what i did! 

Now, I have to explain, I am not a 'business brain', I am terrible with numbers - but I am great with ideas and the final outcome. However, I am very, very lucky: My father is a well respected and very successful business man - who kept me on the right path while I dreamed of prom dresses and bowling shirts. What makes my dad so successful is that he has the perfect pairing of creativity and business brain - he understands where I am coming from - and often encourages my madness - but then reigns me in when i have gone to 'crazy town'. 

It has always been hard, I often wake up and think ' I want a normal job' or 'I want a 9-5' - to do something that is easier than working for yourself. The problem is I have never seen that, my dad has always been self employed - he is his own boss. I also don't have the brain to sit and do one task - when I have had had jobs - I am off trying to restructure or push for new things - or new brand ideas - I cant just be! 

As a woman, and especially one that was so young when I decided to branch out by myself - I needed support and guidance - and better still, someone to call and share all the good and not so good things that were happening. This is something we all need in life, never mind business - but I am fortunate to have both. 

When it came to starting Campbell Crafts, my father thought I was mad - he didn't quite get the vintage inspired boutique idea - however he was on board and as the orders started to come in - he was there to help me steer the ship. He did all the work on Bonnie our Airstream Boutique, turning her from a rusty tin can to a shopable glamazon! 

In 2015, we won our first award ' Best Online Boutique' at the National Vintage Awards - something that I am hugely proud of! However, my father, Alistair Campbell trumped any success I will ever have and was awarded his OBE this year - for services to the Economy and Town Regeneration. Never had it been more deserved! 

I work very hard, and I am conscious of peoples opinions of ' you wouldn't of got where you are without your father'. You are absolutely right, I wouldn't of. However, to say it in a way that implies that I have not worked hard, dug deep, sacrificed or that the only reason I have achieved anything is because my father did it for me is false. Campbell Crafts is my business and I am very proud of it - and I am also very blessed to have an amazing business brain to pick when the times get hard or I need advice or some silly jargon explained to me!!!! 

2016 is sure to bring yet more surprises, and I am ready for what it has to offer!

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